ZeBon 11 Pc Resistance Band Set – Toning Tube Set


  • Resistance band set – great for use with P90X workouts, home gym, CrossFit workouts, physical therapy & add extra resistance and burn those calories off
  • It’s like having a gym in a bag right at home, take it with you wherever you go or keep it right by your bed
  • Free workout guide with each set – workout e-book complete with videos with each set
  • Buy our resistance bands today perfect for all forms of physical therapy as well
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Throw Away Your Gym Membership and Still Stay Fit and Lose Weight

The Best Set of Resistance Bands on the Market Today

– Highest Quality Materials Available – Malaysian Dipped Latex is the best.
– Guaranteed not to snap
– Use more than one for greater range of resistance

This set of resistance Bands is completely portable

You can leave them out at home and have several workouts during the day to burn off those extra calories. Or you can scoop them all up and stuff them into the bag or throw them into your suitcase and have them with you on that trip you are going on. Some people use these alone, some use them on their Gym off-days to keep fit or to lose weight or just to pump up a little bit. For the serious weightlifter or the casual couch potato, these bands are the perfect fit for all.

– Yellow – Extra Light – 8 LBS Green – Light – 15 LBS Red – Medium – 25 LBS Blue – Heavy – 30 LBS Black – Extra Heavy – 35 LBS Used all together they will give 113 LBS of resistance

Buy our resistance band set NOW!

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